Virtual Primary Humanities Network meeting (Term 5)


Since so many individuals were unable to attend our Primary Humanities Network meeting in mid-March and several e-mails from Subject Leaders had entered my inbox recently, I decided to offer a repeat of our previous session virtually by means of Zoom.  Not only was this attended by a number of regulars from across the county of Gloucestershire, but we were also able to welcome others from much further afield; in total, there were around 25 teaching professionals, from as far south as Dorset to as far north as Tyne and Wear.  Although many had never met in person before, teachers were really keen to interact with one another, whether by the accompanying chat feed or through discussions that I steered during the meeting.  It was lovely to witness teachers sharing ideas, useful resources and web-links and some networking taking place; a few individuals even discovered that they worked in neighbouring schools!

The content was more or less the same as our meeting during Term 4 (see the following blog post report for further details:

Participants’ ‘concluding comments’ can be found below:

Sum up the meeting in five words or a sentence or two:

‘Inspiring; reassuring; thought provoking; directional; resourceful.  Thank you for letting me join; would love to join you again next time.’

‘It was really useful to meet other Subject Leaders and to be able to share resources and contacts.  Thank you for today.’

‘Thanks for a useful meeting.  As a new Geography Subject Leader, it has been useful to know where to begin and the wealth of resources I can use to begin our journey in improving geography.  I’d be interested in working with you (if school budget allows) to improve our geography curriculum further.’

‘Thank you, Emma – appreciate being welcomed into the network – I’m excited to get started as Humanities Subject Leader!  The meeting was refreshing in that I feel I can easily transfer skills from other subject area leadership roles, but also useful in terms of looking at progression of skills/knowledge in both geography & history.’

I really appreciate being able to join your Zoom Primary Humanities Network meeting.  Thank you.  I thought the handout resource was amazing and I can’t wait to be in school on Thursday to print it out and start digesting it (as I said a lot of it seems very new to me, which made me feel quite worried).  The links to other resources were fantastic too.’

‘A wealth of resources for progression.   Thank you so much for today’s course.  It’s been really useful and I can’t wait to get stuck in to rooting through all of those resources tomorrow!’

‘Thank you for another great session!  Informative, resource-rich and thought-provoking!’

‘Thank you for the meeting.  I know I have been to lots of your meetings, but I always find them very informative with lots of up-to-date information that I don’t have time to find myself.’

‘Interesting and very helpful.’

‘Thanks for that meeting – super useful for me and I can’t believe prior to lockdown that I had no idea groups like these happened!  Packed with resources and themes to chew over.’

‘Informative; community; ideas; support; understanding.  It really was excellent.  Thanks for letting me sneak in at the end.’

‘Thank you so much for this session.; informative, inspirational and interesting.’

‘Really helpful session today where I could pick out the useful information that was pertinent for my school.  The advice about resources and journals was great too!’

‘Thank you for today.  Informative; useful; good links; ideas to try for home learning.  Actually, just really nice to get my brain back working again on history/geography.’

‘WWW – Really good list of resources to explore and information surrounding what is expected for humanities subject leadership.

EBI – There was slightly more information on assessment at the end of a topic.

Thank you so much for the meeting!’

‘Insightful; informative; positive; inspiring; motivational.  Can I just finish by saying thank you very much for the opportunity to join this meeting today. It has been fantastic!’

‘Effective resourcing/Subject Leader guidance.  Thank you SO much Emma.  What a helpful session.’

‘Thank you so much for today.  It has been really useful, informative and great to work with other Geography Subject Leaders. The information about Ofsted has been really helpful.’

‘Today’s meeting: informative; interesting; exciting; thought provoking.  Thank you so much; really interesting and enjoyable. 

WWW: Really good reading resources/websites to look into.  Nicely laid out and well presented with the key points highlighted.  (My university specialism was geography, but I haven’t had any further CPD, so that was great).

EBI: Feel quite overloaded! Want to implement lots of this, but obviously can’t in the current circumstances.’

‘I felt that there was a lot of rushing past some of the quite important documents.  I know this is due to time and I understand this, but may be on the presentation it could have been starred or something so we can see the ones to read first as it went a bit fast and I couldn’t catch it all.  There is a lot I need to read up on, but I’m not sure which ones to start with!  Thank you.’

Possible themes for future meetings:

  • assessment;
  • moderation;
  • exemplars of pupils’ work;
  • subject-specific vocabulary;
  • WAGOLL (What a good one looks like);
  • knowledge organisers (I really like the idea of the children adding their own information as they learn and could see that working at my school);
  • moving towards the PGQM (this is something I am really interested in as I feel that it will help to focus me on where our school is and where to go next);
  • geographical skills/fieldwork;
  • ‘reading across the curriculum’;
  • further resources;
  • best online interactive resources;
  • curriculum planning;
  • progression;
  • Subject Leader files;
  • writing a policy.

All in all, a hugely rewarding and enjoyable way to spend a Monday afternoon during ‘lockdown’.

Our next gathering is scheduled to take place virtually from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm on Friday 12th June 2020.  Additional information will be posted on this blog site shortly, so keep your eyes peeled!

Take care and stay healthy in these very dynamic and challenging times.


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