Fancy taking part in our next multi-schools event – ‘From local to global: Exploring our connections’?


Rachel Shilston, a former secondary school art teacher and owner of Inspiring Creativity in the Forest of Dean ( and myself have joined forces to offer a virtual multi-schools event entitled ‘’From local to global: Exploring our connections’.

The whole day’s workshop is aimed at Upper Key Stage 2 children and their teachers/TAs.

It explores areas of the National Curriculum programme of study for geography, with the intention of developing locational and place knowledgedeepening understanding of key aspects of physical and human geography (e.g. climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts; economic activity including trade links; the distribution of natural resources including energy, food, minerals and water) and acquiring competence in a range of geographical skills.

Furthermore, ‘Geography in the News’ features strongly throughout the workshop.

Cross-curricular links, such as English/literacy, maths/numeracy and art/D&T, are promoted too as each class’ story is brought to life through the creation of a large scale mosaic.

Throughout the day, there is a conscious effort to inject an element of positivity and enhance children’s mental health and well-being in light of the challenging times that we are currently facing.

The first multi-schools event, held via Zoom, will take place from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm on Wednesday 31st March 2021.

There is a basic charge of £150 per school, plus £4 per person to cover the cost of supplying a mosaic making kit to each individual.

If you wish to learn more or are keen to be one of the first schools to take part in this exciting initiative, then do get in touch via e-mail (

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  1. Hi This looks fantastic. Is it suitable for lower KS2? We gave a mixed year 3 to 6 class if 15 children. Does the whole session last one afternoon?
    Also, what materials is the mosaic made from?

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