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CPD For Me

It was lovely to discover the below e-mail from Julie Beattie at the Geographical Association (GA) ( in my inbox this morning … all those hours of working at weekends during lockdown 3 (December, January and February 2021) paid off!

Congratulations, we are delighted to inform you that you have achieved the GA Enhanced Professional Award. Our Moderation Team met to scrutinise your application and were very impressed with your application and are satisfied that you meet the relevant criteria for the Enhanced level. Your moderator feedback is attached (PDF). It was a real joy for us to look at your application and feel inspired and heartened about the subject and how you engaged in and demonstrated geographical knowledge and professional practice.

Please find attached your personal CPD certificate (PDF) to download and print off at your leisure. Please share your success with your colleagues and on appropriate social media if you wish. An electronic logo for the level you achieved, is also available upon request. 

Additionally, we would like to invite you to join the Moderation Team for assessing GA Professional Awards in the next moderation window in May, this is a volunteer role at the moment and would probably take no more than 2 hours of time depending on the number of applications. Please let either Becky or I know if you are interested in this role.’

Despite the hours involved in writing my application and collating evidence, the whole process was invaluable; a great way for me to reflect upon what I have done over the past few years and showcase my efforts, as well as highlight where I should take things from here.  Why not also consider applying for one of their awards in the future too?


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