Primary Geography Quality Mark (PGQM) support


A rewarding hour or so for me this morning providing Primary Geography Quality Mark (PGQM) support to Emma Aldred-Tow, PPA teacher and Geography Subject Leader at Churchdown Village Junior School (CVJS) just outside the city of Gloucester (

The school is due to renew their PGQM (currently a Silver Award) and are now considering going for a Gold Award, bearing in mind the amount that they have done over the past three years or so.

Emma had earmarked evidence for most aspects of the PGQM.  However, there were a couple of areas that she was struggling with; nothing that a little brainstorming and discussion was unable to address.  Just simply having another person to help interpret the wording of the criteria and identify the best possible material and images to use appeared to be hugely supportive to Emma.  She now needs to ponder on what we have said and come back to me once all is near completion; I will then cast a quick ‘critical eye’ over her application before the submission date in June 2021.

Go Emma!  You have plenty of evidence to share and show what you have achieved during your time as a Geography Subject Leader at CVJS.



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