Will you be there? (Next virtual Primary Humanities Network meeting: Term 1, 2021-2022)


‘It is helpful if teachers evaluate how secure pupils’ prior learning is in order to plan lessons.  They need to know what difficulties pupils may face.  Teachers need to appreciate any misconceptions that pupils have as well as any gaps in pupils’ knowledge.  Findings from assessments inform teachers about how to adapt their teaching appropriately and build on what pupils know.’

Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/research-review-series-geography/research-review-series-geography#assessment

Following the publication of the government’s ‘Research review series: geography’ in June 2021, much subsequent discussion among those at the leading subject associations, highly regarded individuals within the field of geography and on social media threads, as well as requests from various teachers, our next virtual Primary Humanities Network meeting will focus on the theme of assessment.  After providing a round-up of the latest developments in education, new websites and resources (many of which are FREE to access), we will explore the following question: ‘How do we best assess pupils?’.  You will also have the opportunity to interact with others and share best practice.  Much of what is presented and discussed will be relevant to History Subject Leaders too.

The meeting will be held virtually on Friday 17th September 2021, from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm.

The charge will be just £25.00 and you will receive a recording of the event, as well as a copy of the accompanying MS PowerPoint presentation.  Should you be unable to attend in real time, then you may wish to pay the fee and have access to a recording of the session, a copy of the chat feed, all the accompanying materials and the subsequent detailed blog post report to peruse at your leisure; feel free to ‘fire’ any questions at me via e-mail afterwards too.

I will lead the session via Zoom and send you an invitation with a password to insert prior to entering the meeting.

As I have invested in a subscription to Zoom, I have access to the extra controls to ensure that it is as safe and secure as possible.  This is a platform that is used by a huge number of businesses and organisations (many of you are probably very familiar with Zoom by now).

Do let me know if you wish to attend or receive a copy of the recording and accompanying materials by Friday 10th September 2021 (e-mail: emma.espley@gmail.com).

Try and relax and recharge your batteries over the summer holidays!

Just a handful of the ‘concluding comments‘ from attendees at our last virtual Primary Humanities Network meeting:

  • ‘Thank you for the session today.  It was so helpful as always. … Many thanks for your support.’
  • ‘Always a well-structured, engaging, constructive, insightful and collaborative session.  Excellent resources signposted with friendly and professional help given.  Thank you.’
  • ‘Very informative and helpful!’
  • ‘Lots of useful resources.’
  • ‘It was helpful being shown a variety of different resources to support planning, teaching and leadership of the subjects.’
  • ‘Clear structure, informative and inspiring.’
  • ‘I’m clearer about Ofsted’s expectations.’
  • ‘Refreshing to have humanities given such importance; very informative.’
  • ‘Clear advice and helper pointers.’
  • ‘Super resources for me to research and very informative.’
  • ‘Great guidance on curriculum excellence.’
  • ‘Supportive in identifying the development.  Thank you for giving me a starting point.  It can feel overwhelming.’
  • ‘Just managed to watch the recording of the meeting.  Thank you very much, it was very helpful and will save me a great deal of time looking for resources.’

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