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CPD For Me

For once, it was rather nice to be able to just sit back and view and listen, rather than being the one presenting!  Tonight’s CPD event was hosted by the Royal Geographical Society (RGS-IBG) and delivered by the hugely experienced and extremely proficient Iain Freeland.  Iain Freeland is Her Majesty’s Inspector and Ofsted’s subject lead for geography.  He leads a range of work within Ofsted on geography education, including training inspectors and carrying out reviews of research and inspection evidence.  Iain also liaises with professional organisations, including the RGS-IBG.  In addition, he leads inspections of schools and initial teacher education partnerships. Prior to joining Ofsted, Iain served as a senior leader in a number of schools in Cornwall and Devon.  Most recently, he was an executive director of a multi-academy trust.  Iain is a Society Fellow and a member of the Society’s Education Committee.

Tonight’s CPD session was entitled ‘Ofsted’s approach to evaluating subject-level curriculum at primary level’ (https://www.rgs.org/events/autumn-2021/ofsted%E2%80%99s-approach-to-evaluating-subject-level-curr/).  Following the publication of the Geography Research Review by Ofsted over the summer (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/research-review-series-geography/research-review-series-geography), Iain felt it useful to explore some of the key features that subject leaders and teachers may wish to take into account when reviewing their geography curriculum.  He also drew on some of the other factors that contribute to a high quality geography education in schools.  Later, Iain reflected upon Ofsted’s inspection findings and highlighted how primary schools are ensuring that geography is planned and implemented carefully.  Whilst there were several items that I was already familiar with having read various articles and heard Iain speak at length before, it did address a couple of queries that I had and helped reinforce the key messages to relay to educational professionals that I work with in the near future.

It was also great to witness participants interacting via the chat feed and posing questions throughout the webinar.  The latter were answered honestly and confidently by Iain during the last half hour.

A very worthwhile way to spend a Tuesday evening.

I recommend delving into Iain’s blog (https://educationinspection.blog.gov.uk/) regularly too.

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