SWGfL Cyber Secure Schools – Preventing Digital Crime

Prevent digital crime within your educational establishment by hearing from the leading experts in cyber security.

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SWGfL joined forces with Bitdefender and other leading experts from the field of online security to deliver a very insightful presentation this afternoon.

The session highlighted the importance of protecting your school against some of the most common online attacks.  Currently, there are a range of serious threats, which are targeting schools and other education settings.  With so many attacks affecting schools across the UK, it was emphasised that we should all ensure our systems are well protected, for the sake of learners and employees alike.

The guest speakers were extremely knowledgeable and included:

  • Andrew Williams – Cyber and Information Security Lead at SWGfL.
  • Danny O’Neill – Director of MDR Security Operations at Bitdefender.
  • Virginia Franqueira – Deputy Director of the Institute of Cyber Security for Society at the University of Kent.
  • Poppy Angell – Data Protection Specialist at Phoenix Software Ltd.
  • Jez Rogers & Andy Rawlinson – Co-founders of CySec Aware.
  • Arshid Bashir – Head of Cyber Security at the Department for Education.

The event covered a wide range of cyber security topics.  Plenty of information and guidance were certainly provided to help us respond to challenges surrounding cyber security.  The themes discussed centred upon:

  • Common threats – What is posing the most risk to your school?
  • Latest research – What has been the impact on schools?
  • Preventing and recovering – How to best protect your school’s information.

Various resources and tools were shared too, all of which can be accessed via the web-link below:


A copy of the accompanying slides can be downloaded here as well.

Many thanks, Andrew and co-presenters, for an informative and thought-provoking session.


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