One not to miss in March!


Just a handful of the ‘concluding comments’ from those who attended our previous Primary Humanities Network meeting in ‘real time’ or accessed the recording and accompanying resources to review at later date:

Full of ideas, reminders and things to explore further!

Lots of simple, but adaptable strategies.

Very helpful for a new Subject Leader!

Informative; inspiring; useful ideas.  Enjoyable!

Activities that are easily implemented.

5 words – inspiring; useful; thought-provoking; resource-filled; helpful.

Lots of information ready to use and share with staff, but also lots of information to take away and think about.

Thank you so much.  This has been so helpful.

Can’t wait to watch the recording and make more notes.  Many thanks.

I found the virtual meeting yesterday really informative and inspiring.  It has been a great help to me and has given me some excellent ideas and new resources to try. 

Thank you, Emma, for all your tips and ideas shared at the Network meeting last Friday.


It’s a buzzword from the Education Inspection Framework (EIF), and Ofsted will consider it when assessing your quality of education, but what does ‘cultural capital’ meanHow can geography and history contribute to building ‘cultural capital’?  Come along to our fourth virtual Primary Humanities Network meeting of this academic year (or access the content at a time to suit you) to discover more.  After the usual ‘educational round-up’ to highlight new resourcesuseful websites and the latest developments, we will look at potential trips and visits, experiences that we can give pupils, fieldwork opportunities and ideas for local history studies too.  Reference will be made to all areas of the UK, not just Gloucestershire, and I am hoping to have representatives from various organisations, museums, etc. joining us as well.

The meeting will be held virtually from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm on Friday 18th March 2022.

The charge will be just £25.00 and you will receive a recording of the event, as well as a copy of the accompanying multi-media presentation.  Should you be unable to attend in ‘real time’, then you may wish to pay the fee and have access to a recording of the session, a copy of the chat feed, all the accompanying materials and the subsequent detailed blog post report to peruse at your leisure; feel free to ‘fire’ any questions at me via e-mail afterwards too.

I will lead the session via Zoom and send you an invitation with a password to insert prior to entering the meeting.

As I have invested in a subscription to Zoom, I have access to the extra controls to ensure that it is as safe and secure as possible.  This is a platform that is used by a huge number of businesses and organisations (many of you are probably very familiar with Zoom by now).

Do let me know if you wish to attend or receive a copy of the recording and accompanying materials by Friday 11th March 2022 (e-mail:

I look forward to seeing some familiar faces, as well as a few new ones too.


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