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It was time for a little more CPD this afternoon: ‘What makes an effective Subject Leader?’ (Part 2).  Once again, the intention was to make the session as interactive as possible to encourage collaboration and sharing of best practice among partnership schools.

After welcoming everyone (we had a couple of additional schools on board today) and highlighting two forthcoming events (https://stepintotheamazon.co.uk/2022/01/25/having-a-focus-on-south-america-biomes-global-issues-such-as-climate-change-or-sustainability-during-term-4/ and https://create2inspire.co.uk/2022/02/06/one-not-to-miss-in-march/), I outlined the aims and structure of the afternoon.

To initiate recall and discussion right from the start, I referred to the plenary from our previous session and introduced the following activity.  As we were small in number due to the impacts of Storm Dudley and Eunice and Covid-19, we opted for an open discussion rather than ‘breakout rooms’.  I enjoyed hearing about the progress that individuals/schools had made, even though it had been less than a month since we last met.

I mentioned the Geographical Association (GA)’s GeogLive! 3 once again, which focused on subject leadership (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGNqCpG1V2U&t=17s), as we had a couple of teachers who were unable to attend our previous session.  Then, we explored the GA’s diagram further, concentrating on the six components of ‘action’, e.g. purposeful primary geography; the role of the Subject Leader; improving through change; CPD priorities: skills and knowledge development; teaching and learning standards; teaching and learning strategies (https://www.geography.org.uk/Geography-Subject-Leadership-in-Primary-and-Secondary-Schools/Leading-primary-geography).  We looked at each aspect in turn, completing activities along the way and pausing for a degree of reflection after each one.  Individuals were given key questions to consider and encouraged to write their answers onto the wheel of reflection that they had been given.  At various points, I steered open discussions or prompted participants to make use of the chat feed so that we could share our thoughts and feelings.  Attendees were extremely willing to offer contributions with some very thought-provoking points being raised.

I also highlighted a number of useful resources provided by the other leading subject association for geography (Royal Geographical Society – RGS-IBG), namely:

So that any History Subject Leaders did not feel hard done by, I also directed them towards a number of relevant materials on the Historical Association (HA)’s and History Rocks’ websites, including:

After a short break for refreshments, I allocated a few minutes to ‘independent exploration’; a chance for individuals to access the suggested resources and web-links that were most appropriate to their role and situation.  It also gave teachers time to unmute themselves and ask any pressing questions that they had; in this way, such CPD becomes far more personalised.

We concluded with the two activities below:

Participants set themselves a number of targets, some of which were quite generic in nature, whilst others were more specific to their teaching and learning environment.

A collection of their ‘concluding comments‘ can be viewed here too:

Summing up today’s online CPD event in five words or a sentence or two:

  • Thank you so much for the Geography Subject Leader course this afternoon.
  • Lots of useful information and resources.  Thank you.
  • Really useful and insightful into subject leadership and how our subjects should impact the children’s learning and the curriculum.
  • It was fab!  Plenty to guide actions as a Subject Leader and lots of signposting to great resources.  Thank you, Emma.
  • Informative and reflective.
  • Informative; lots of ideas to consider going forward as Subject Leader.
  • Informative, clear and with lots to think about moving forward.
  • Thank you for the session!
  • Thank you so much for the session today, it was really useful.  

Possible themes for future TDP CPD events:

  • Maybe sharing examples of different teaching and learning strategies that have worked particularly well in the classroom?
  • Cross-curricular ideas between history and geography/other subjects, perhaps?

I look forward to hearing about and witnessing first-hand their intentions in the near future.

Good luck everyone!


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