Bespoke CPD: Chalford Hill Primary School, Gloucestershire


Well, it was back to Chalford Hill Primary School this morning to deliver the second half of their bespoke CPD (

Kate Lewis, their newly appointed Subject Leader for Geography (along with having responsibility for EYFS and Outdoor Learning), had made good progress since our previous encounter.  Following a staff meeting a couple of weeks ago, she had managed to liaise with several colleagues and produce a slightly more detailed whole school curriculum map for geography (it is now becoming easier to see which themes are being taught in which terms and within each year group).  Kate had also identified where ‘reading across the curriculum’ was apparent, any links with ‘cultural capital’ and opportunities for ‘taking learning beyond the classroom’.  Much of this already takes place, but it needed to be made more obvious to an outsider, e.g. Ofsted inspector, visiting the school.  We concentrated on EYFS and Key Stage 1 today, consulting the content of the ELG: Understanding the World within the new EYFS Framework and the National Curriculum programme of study for geography and considering coverage, sequencing and progression.  Next time, it is intended to focus on Key Stage 2.

We then moved on to the next item on the agenda; resourcing.  I shared a number of useful websites and high-quality resources (many of which were FREE) with Kate, which she could explore further in her own time and showcase to relevant members of staff.  Hopefully, this will mean that any subsequent geography teaching is more rigorous and has a greater positive impact on pupils’ learning, e.g. they are knowing more, understanding more, remembering more and are able to do more.

Afterwards, there was a chance for Kate to ask any additional questions that she had.  These related to ‘cultural capital’ and the Subject Leader’s file in particular.  I steered her towards two blog post reports from previous virtual Primary Humanities Network meetings when we had explored these themes in some depth ( and  I proposed that she accessed these and the many ‘live links’ to key websites and resources that they contained.  Any questions that she had could then be ‘fired’ at me via e-mail and I would willingly respond.  Should she require further support, then we could easily arrange another bespoke CPD session to look at these alongside coverage, sequencing and progression at Key Stage 2.

I look forward to seeing geography flourishing at the school over the next academic year.

Go for it, Kate and colleagues!

Feedback from Kate:

‘Apologies for my delayed response, I’ve been frantically organising Sports Day!  I think it’ll be half term for me to sit down with a cuppa and properly digest all the fabulous resources and support material you have sent my way.  Many thanks once again.’


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