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Well, it was time to deliver another In the Know webinar series for the Geographical Association (GA).

This series of six, interactive webinars is a quick, easy and cost-effective means of updating your subject knowlege, whether you are a Geography Subject Leader, experienced classroom teacher, ECT or trainee.

Further details about the series can be found by accessing the web-link below:

Our first webinar focused on ‘Climate, biomes and vegetation belts‘.

Pupils learn about weather from the beginning of their primary years.  However, understanding the relationship between weather and climate and how they affect the habitats of different animals and plants, creating biomes, is a complex geographical concept.  For example, did you know that boreal forest is the largest terrestrial biome, Antarctica is a desert or that more than half of Earth’s plants and animals call tropical rainforests home?  As the human effects on the climate become increasingly apparent, it is imperative that Earth’s future custodians have an understanding of the interconnections that link all life on our planet.

The aim is to make these webinars as interactive as possible by challenging participants to different activities that they could replicate in the classroom, introducing a competitive element from time to time, opening up the floor to discussion, inviting input via the chat feed and making use of ‘breakout rooms’ when larger numbers are present.  They are also fast-paced as no one wishes to remain for very long at the end of a busy school day and when they may have additional work or external commitments to attend to.  I am also happy for individuals to contact me by e-mail with any questions that they have at a later date once they have had time to digest the content of the webinar and reflect fully on the teaching and learning that currently takes place within their school.

Some of attendees’ ‘concluding comments’ can be viewed below.

Sum up your learning from today’s session in five words or a sentence or two.

  • Lots of new teaching ideas.
  • Confidence; knowledge; technology.
  • Informative, especially with correct use of terminology.
  • Different ways to use Digimap for Schools.
  • Importance of understanding language/vocabulary.
  • Useful strategies for the classroom.
  • Subject knowledge; confidence.
  • Subject knowledge.
  • Confidence; subject knowledge; vocabulary.
  • More confident about biomes.
  • Informative and developed background knowledge.
  • Importance of subject-specific vocabulary and new websites to check out.
  • Knowledge; vocabulary; useful links and ideas.
  • A starting point to go back to and re-read/re-visit to deepen knowledge.

List any ideas that you are going to ‘give a go’.

  • Introduce new vocabulary; compare biomes.
  • Digimap for Schools (x 6).
  • I like the anagrams, especially to recap previous vocabulary.
  • Wicked Weather Watch (WWW) Key Stage 2 scheme of work and resources (x 2).
  • More vocabulary-based activities.
  • Step into the Amazon (x 2).
  • Biomes map and hidden key.
  • Google Earth Pro.

Identify any changes that you will make.

  • Trial a whole school move to an enquiry-driven teaching model.
  • Practical work – more use of technology.
  • Review use of language/vocabulary expectations in each year group.
  • Use of vocabulary (x 4).
  • Certainly more enquiry-led (x 2).
  • I will include climate change now to the topic linked with climate, climate zones and biomes.
  • More focus on biomes.
  • Feedback to staff to support their subject knowledge.
  • Thank you for the session.  Extremely helpful.
  • Amazing!  Thank you.
  • Thank you so much for this evening’s geography training.  I found it really useful as the Geography Leader with no qualifications in geography myself.  I am an Early Years teacher, so these courses will really help me to ensure our curriculum is correct.
  • Many thanks for today’s session.  It will be of great help.

PDF downloads are also available to purchase via the GA’s shop, either as ten individual titles or as a full set (  These provide straightforward, accurate and trustworthy background knowledge, explanation, diagrams and glossary on topics in the geography National Curriculum so that teachers can develop their teaching with confidence.

Join us from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm on Thursday 6th October when we will be exploring ‘Rivers and the water cycle‘.



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