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As a Consultant to the Geographical Association (GA), I think it is important to observe others in a similar position from time to time to aid reflection on current practice and, perhaps, pick up some fresh ideas to ensure that training is always evolving and engaging.

Isabel Richardson, Events Co-ordinator at the GA, suggested that I might like to attend the ‘Leading primary geography‘ training that Nell Seal was delivering today (https://www.geography.org.uk/events/leading-primary-geography/15303?OccId=20809).

After welcoming us all, introducing herself, outlining the format and content of the day, Nell swiftly moved on to the first session, which was entitled ‘From vision to impact, what is high quality geography?‘.   Nell shared a number of slides with us, as well as useful articles.  She also encouraged us to attempt a couple of activities, sharing our thoughts via an online document and the chat feed.  Nell paused at various points to answer any questions that delegates had or address comments that had been inserted into the chat feed.

Following a short refreshment break, Nell launched the second session; ‘How do we manage and lead the best subject on the planet?‘.  We stopped just short of noon, so that Nell could set us a messy map challenge – an opportunity for us to conduct some fieldwork over the lunch break and then submit our work before the final session resumed at 1.30 pm.

On our return from lunch, Nell gave us a few minutes to peruse a folder within Dropbox containing evidence of our fieldwork activities.  It was fascinating to see the different stances that individuals had taken; only one other person chose to map the colour of people’s front doors like I did.  The third session explored the question, ‘Where is the geography?‘, and helped us appreciate just how important and relevant the subject really is.

Many thanks, Nell, for an enjoyable and interesting day.  I loved some of the mapwork tasks to support the development of key geographical skills and will certainly try and integrate the ‘How would you …?’ activity into a future Primary Geography Subject Leader Network Meeting.


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