Online Safety Mark Assessors Update Training Day (virtual and Newport, Wales)

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How time flies!  Two years on and it is time for me to be updated once again by the hugely knowledgeable and competent band at the UK Safer Internet Centre (UK SIC)/South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL), namely Ron Richards, David Wright, Andrew Williams, Ken Corish and Carmel Glassbrook.

Whilst some were gathered at the Lysaght Institute in Newport, Wales, several, like me, had opted to join virtually from their schools, companies, organisations or home.

Firstly, we were given a warm welcome, introduced to key individuals and provided with an explanation of protocols by Ron Richards and Andrew Williams.  Next, Ron referred to the 360 degree Safe tool, Online Safety Mark updates and Academy groups.  David Wright shared the 360 degree Safe data analysis that had been conducted by Professor Andy Phippen.  This is an effective means of learning about online safety provision within schools across the UK using data from 360 degree Safe school reviews.  Afterwards, Carmel Glassbrook gave an update on the various helplines available, e.g. POSH; RHC and HSM.  David then took over to talk about the accreditation of filtering and monitoring providers.  A document was shared with us for consideration and we were asked to add our thoughts to the chat feed or offer contributions to the subsequent discussion.

Following a comfort break, we reconvened to hear from Ken and David about further online safety updates, e.g. Online Safety Bill; recent trends; developments.

Next, for a little input from us!  We split into two groups, one in situ and the other online.  Those attending virtually were joined by Ron and Ken.  We discussed Online Safety Mark assessments that we had conducted, as well as recent and future 360 degree Safe review tool updates.

After a break for lunch, Andrew focused on cyber-security and Ken talked about Project Evolve, including what the latest data has shown, as well as exploring adult harms and literacy.

Finally, Ron brought the day to a close, emphasising the key points that we should takeaway with us.

A very intensive, but invaluable training.  Thank you for another informative and engaging day.


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