RGS-IBG and HA’s Primary Geography and History Teach Meet, virtual

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Despite it being half-term for Gloucestershire schools, I am still at work!  In-between a spot of much needed down-time, I continued to fulfil my obligations; to present at the Royal Geographical Society (RGS-IBG) and Historical Association (HA)’s Primary Geography and History Teach Meet, originally scheduled for 1st February 2023, but postponed due to national strike action.  The turnout was very encouraging, especially given that some counties, like Gloucestershire, were enjoying a week’s break.

The evening began with a welcome and explanation of the format and protocols by Claire Brown of the RGS-IBG and Maheema Chanrai of the HA.

They then handed over to Glenn Carter, who focused on ‘The big picture‘, emphasising the importance of interconnectedness in history.  Freda Acheampong followed with an online tour of History Rocks!, Glenn Carter’s website, drawing attention to some of her favourite resources.

Next, it was time for a spot of geography; Caroline Freedman considered ‘Thinking like a geographer‘, showcasing some examples of local fieldwork that she and colleagues have conducted with pupils at her school in London, as well as how they have linked to other places further afield and exploited opportunities to ‘drip-feed’ geography into all aspects of  school life.

I delivered a short presentation about the recent virtual multi-schools events (‘What is so cool about the Arctic?‘) that I have been conducting with Wicked Weather Watch, a charity based in Box, Wiltshire and concerned with the impacts of climate change within the Arctic region.

Chris Trevor concluded by showcasing a wonderful working wall template, which promoted enquiry-led learning, highlighted subject-specific vocabulary and substantive and disciplinary knowledge, as well as reinforcing the importance of sources, annotated images and maps.

After each five to seven minute session, the presenter was tasked with answering questions or responding to any comments that had been added to the chat feed.  Finally, Claire and Maheema shared some new resources uploaded to the RGS-IBG and HA’s websites, in addition to advertising a number of forthcoming events that may be of interest to the audience.

A productive and enjoyable way to spend a mid-week early evening it seemed judging by the feedback inserted into the chat feed.  Although there were a few items that I was already very familiar with, I did pick up some superb, innovative ideas that I will endeavour to share with others during our next in situ and virtual Primary Geography Subject Leader Network meetings in late May.


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