Bespoke CPD: Coalway Community Infant School, Gloucestershire


Well, the weeks seem to be flying by.  Sure enough, it was time for the second bespoke CPD session with the current Class 2 (EYFS) Teacher and Geography Subject Leader at Coalway Community Infant School in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire (

It was intended to pick up from our last virtual meeting and repeat what we had accomplished at EYFS with Key Stage 1 in order to reinforce consistency.  We could then address aspects, such as the use of knowledge organisers/learning organisers, a progression of subject-specific vocabulary, ‘taking learning beyond the classroom’, links with Forest School and useful websites and resources to frequently visit in more depth.

However, before we did so, I asked the Geography Subject Leader if she had any questions relating to our previous session.  It was important to answer these first.  Fortunately, after revisiting her notes and exploring the suggested web-links and resources in the interim, everything made sense and she was content with what we had generated to date.

Thus, it was time to move on to Key Stage 1.  We analysed the National Curriculum programme of study at both Key Stages 1 and 2 to ensure that we were familiar with its content.  Although Coalway is purely an infant school, it was essential to also consider Key Stage 2 at this point, so that the Geography Subject Leader could comprehend what they were preparing pupils for.  We then focused on Key Stage 1, contemplating the most appropriate sequencing to enable progression.  It was emphasised not to reinvent the wheel just for the sake of it; we attempted to include existing aspects that worked well and replace those that were not fit for purpose with something more relevant and exciting.  After mapping out the key themes for each term in Years 1 and 2, I shared a number of supporting resources, provided ideas for potential fieldwork/’taking learning outside the classroom’/virtual experiences and enhancing ‘cultural capital’, added a number of book titles to the chat feed or projected book covers and blurb to promote ‘reading across the curriculum’, discussed how we might address Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and integrate ‘Geography in the News’, events and global issues.  I also guided the Geography Subject Leader in creating a progression in subject-specific vocabulary document.

Next, we looked at some examples of medium-term plans and talked about the difference between knowledge organisers and learning organisers and their intended purposes.

Carly stated that she has plenty to go away and digest!  She was much happier about the revised whole school geography curriculum, commenting that it was more comprehensive and logically sequenced to facilitate progression.  I proposed that she explored the various websites and resources that I had showcased and then came back to me with any questions that she had or if she required further support.

Keep me posted on how things pan out from September, please!  I would love to see evidence of, or hear about, your invigorated curriculum in action.  Hopefully, this will help to raise the profile of geography within the school too.

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