A week of bespoke CPD!


Time for another round of bespoke CPD this week! First up, was St. John’s C of E Primary School in Watford (https://watfordstjohns.org/) to support their Geography Subject Leader with the integration of fieldwork within their current whole school geography curriculum.

Their Geography Subject Leader sent me a copy of their whole school geography curriculum map prior to our Zoom meeting this morning. I had spent some time reading through this and added a few comments, which we discussed to begin with.

Next, I referenced Ofsted’s recently published ‘Getting our bearings: geography subject report‘ (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/subject-report-series-geography/getting-our-bearings-geography-subject-report) and talked about its findings and recommendations in relation to geographical skills and fieldwork. Afterwards, I provided a number of ideas for fieldwork activities and directed their Geography Subject Leader towards many useful websites and resources to support his continued whole school curriculum planning and development.

Towards the end of our session, I suggested that their Geography Subject Leader identified his next steps for the remainder of this term and Term 2. My advice was to ‘start small and things will automatically evolve’; it is best not to be too ambitious and then feel completely overwhelmed.

Concluding comments from their Geography Subject Leader can be viewed below:

Thank you for today. I now have plenty to go away and explore.

My mission had been accomplished, I think!

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