Time for round 2!


We just managed to squeeze in a second bespoke CPD session before half-term. On board again today were the Head Teacher and another member of staff from Mitcheldean Endowed Primary School (https://www.mitcheldeanschool.co.uk/).

We began by reflecting on the progress that we made a week or so ago. I answered a few questions that participants had following their discussions with other members of staff. We explored the recommendations outlined in Ofsted’s latest subject report, ‘Getting our bearings: geography subject report‘, (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/subject-report-series-geography/getting-our-bearings-geography-subject-report#recommendations) and were pleased to glean that many of these had already been incorporated into our planning and development. I also mentioned the Geographical Association (GA)’s new ‘A framework for the school geography curriculum‘ (https://geography.org.uk/ga-curriculum-framework/) as this is referenced within Ofsted’s subject report on several occasions and has a very informative section regarding ‘geographical concepts’. Afterwards, we finalised the whole school curriculum plan for geography. As we did so, I provided pointers for resourcing their revised curriculum (with as many FREE, high-quality resources as I could find bearing in mind how tight school budgets currently are). I also addressed important aspects of Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework (EIF), such as ‘reading across the curriculum’ and ‘cultural capital’, in addition to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), taking learning beyond the classroom and subject-specific vocabulary.

I gave participants a few minutes to digest everything from our discussion and review their notes before we moved on to contemplate the next steps for Term 2 and beyond. You cannot overhaul the curriculum in a matter of days. There needs to be a degree of reflection as well. Be prepared for a few tweaks along the way; it is all about trial and error.

I am looking forward to seeing evidence of, and hearing about, their new curriculum experiences in due course.

Good luck! Have the confidence to experiment. This will ensure that you have real, relevant and purposeful geography teaching and learning happening within your school.

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