GlosGeog takes on Bristol!


Time for the Regional Challenge of the Geographical Association (GA) WorldWise Quiz; this year, GlosGeog, Gloucestershire’s local branch, going head to head with Bristol’s.

Earlier in the academic year, both branches had held their own quiz afternoon/evening and the teams finishing in first, second and third places were invited to compete in the Regional Challenge, kindly hosted by those at the University of Bristol in the wonderful Old Council Chamber of the Wills Memorial Building.   We were excited to see all of them step up to the challenge.

GlosGeog winners, from Denmark Road High School in Gloucester, along with two teams from Cleeve School near Cheltenham, arrived in plenty of time, keen to take on our opponents, namely Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Fairfield High and St. Mary Redcliffe and Temple Schools! The evening began with a formal welcome and introduction by Professor David Richards from the University of Bristol. Next, students were challenged to three rounds of questions: an alphabet round, city scenes and physical geography.  Quizmaster for the evening was Dr Tony Hoare, who has long been associated with the Bristol branch of the GA (for over 40 years).

At the mid-point, there was a round that specifically focused on locations and features found halfway between Gloucester and Bristol, with questions involving OS map references, symbols, bearings and distances.   Competitors engaged with this during the refreshment break and put their rulers and protractors to good use! The final three rounds were based on a combination of geography from the air and two mixed bag rounds, with some questions drawn from recent news and events (including volcanic eruptions, tides, geopolitics and vertical farms).

The competition was tight throughout and saw numerous changes at the top.  Thanks to Janet Neil and Dr Harry West for collating the scores.  The last two rounds were challenging and drew upon some ‘educated guesses’, which left all in suspense until the final results were revealed.

Congratulations to the overall winners, from Fairfield High School, who won by just one point over second placed team from Cleeve School. They were awarded an impressive trophy by Janet Neil (Bristol GA Co-President) to display at their school for the coming year.  All competitors received a certificate for taking part.

Well done to all involved and a big thank you to teachers and parents/carers for giving up their precious time to accompany the students.

Looking forward to further competitive afternoons/evenings later this year!

(Compiled by Emma Espley and Professor David Richards).

It was an enjoyable evening and such a beautiful venue!

Great evening! Only one point between 1st and 2nd place – 1st Fairfield in Bristol and second Cleeve from Glos! But some excellent geographical knowledge all round! 

All went very well.  We were most impressed with the geographical knowledge, but also the attitude  of the pupils: a credit to their schools.

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