Time for me to be trained for a change!

CPD For Me

It was rather relaxing being in the audience instead of presenting for once, until you are invited to contribute, of course! Today saw me attend David Weatherly and Sheena Wright’s virtual training day, entitled ‘EYFS – Year 1 Continuity of Learning in Geography and History: EYFS into Year 1‘. After a warm welcome and introductions, David began by setting the …

CPD workshop: Let’s go on an awesome, Arctic adventure!

Gloucester Farmers' Club


The Gloucester Farmers’ Club was the venue for our CPD workshop, entitled ‘Let’s go on an awesome, Arctic adventure!’, and what an ideal one it was too!  We had a well-equipped room with lots of space to spread out, were supplied with plentiful tea and coffee (supplemented with some home-baked goodies, chocolate fingers and a tub of Heroes that I …