Not quite the same as face-to-face, but virtual does the job well for now!

Primary Humanities Network meeting (Term 1; 2020-2021)


Thanks to Zoom, our first Primary Humanities Network meeting of this academic year was able to go ahead with the theme of ‘Assessment, including moderation of pupils’ work’.  After welcoming attendees, some familiar faces and several new ones, I outlined the aims and structure of the meeting: To begin with, I focused on the latest developments; not only items from …

Virtual Primary Humanities Network meeting (Term 6); ‘Taking learning outside the classroom’.


At the request of many individuals, I managed to squeeze in another virtual Primary Humanities Network meeting before the end of the academic year.  The theme for our meeting was ‘Taking learning outside the classroom: Developing geographical skills and fieldwork opportunities and ideas for local history studies’.  If this was a face-to-face session, then I would usually take teachers outside and …