Primary Humanities Subject Leaders’ Network meeting (‘Maps, maps and more maps’), Gloucester Farmers’ Club


Today was a repeat of the previous meeting due to further interest and demand, but held at a different location, the Gloucester Farmers’ Club, where we received a very warm welcome and were supplied with a wide array of refreshments, as well as my home-made vanilla cupcakes and a tub of Heroes chocolates, to keep us going!

Whilst the format of the meeting was the same as last time, the dynamics and size of the group made a considerable difference.  Although there were a few ‘regulars’, we did have some new faces, which was very encouraging to see.  I was very conscious to make them feel at ease from the onset.  Furthermore, being a fairly small number meant that I could spend time with each individual during our breakout/’exploring’ slot.

You can see teachers ‘in action’ in the photographs below.  It was lovely to hear plenty of geographical and historical sharing of teaching and learning ideas taking place too.

Below are a handful of participants’ plenary attempts, including their ‘concluding comments’ and thoughts for themes for future meetings:

‘Concluding comments’:

 ‘Lots to think about and investigate!’

‘Helpful; resourceful; inspiring; motivating; challenging.’

‘Useful list of resources.  Better knowledge of curriculum skills.’

‘Great to be able to share ideas with others.’

‘It provided me with the time to look at resources and talk to others.  We rarely get this in school.’

‘Smart use of time.’

‘Useful, informative and friendly.  Good network opportunity.’

‘Useful; interesting; starting point; friendly.’

‘Thanks for all the fantastic resources and guidance provided during the afternoon.  Special thanks for the feedback on planning you gave me.’

Suggestions for future themes:

  • Plastics and the oceans.
  • Focus days.
  • Continuous provision activities/links (EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2).

Our next meeting will be held in late February or early March (re-visit the blog as further details will be posted shortly).

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