CPD workshop (Let’s go on an awesome Arctic adventure, in conjunction with Wicked Weather Watch), Sir Thomas Rich’s School, Gloucester


It was off to Sir Thomas Rich’s School in Gloucester this morning for a repeat of the CPD workshop delivered at Clifton High School in Bristol a fortnight ago.  However, this time, it was Gill Johnson representing Wicked Weather Watch, as opposed to Vicky Oram-Ahern.   I have used the Pavilion for CPD events before; it is very spacious and airy and has wonderful views over the school playing fields (although not on a windy, snowy and rainy day like today!).  As several, similar CPD workshops have already been delivered in Gloucester, we were a fairly small group.  Nevertheless, this ensured that I was able to spend a significant amount of time with each individual during our ‘break out’ session when they were exploring the many suggested web-links and resources.

After Gill’s warm welcome, it was over to me to deliver the session’s content, interspersed with plenty of activities to keep attendees on their toes, and the essential refreshment top-up!

Teachers interacted well, which was lovely to see, especially as some had never met before.  They were able to share previous best practice, as well as brainstorm new ideas to invigorate teaching and learning within their own classroom and school.

Towards the end of the session, participants were asked to complete the footprint activity outlined below.

A few of their completed footprints can be seen here:

Participants were also asked to provide some feedback.

I think you will agree that their ‘concluding comments’ were really positive?

Summing up today’s workshop in five words or a sentence or two:

‘Help planning; new ideas; resources; The Week Junior magazine; possible explorer into school.’

‘Clear objectives aimed at increasing knowledge.’

‘Inspiring; new ideas; share practice; fascinating subjects; opened my eyes to new resources.’

‘Very informative about Arctic lesson ideas.  Emma was very helpful in planning for a creative curriculum.’

‘Informative’ resourceful; useful; thought-provoking; interesting.’

‘Thanks for today, it was great, as usual.’

‘Thank you for your advice.’

Additional resources that they would find useful:

  • More KS1 materials.
  • A monthly newsletter.
  • Set up a network – schools to share ideas/good practice.
  • More information about the workshops WWW provide.
  • More lesson plans for other year groups, e.g. not just KS2.

Feedback from Wicked Weather Watch’s evaluation form:

Average session ratings: (5 – very useful; 1 – not useful)

  • Starter: Ofsted’s draft EIF – 4.8
  • Starter: Thinking about current school curriculum – 4.8
  • Starter: The new National Curriculum for geography – 4.6
  • Main: WWW resources – 4.6
  • Main: Other resources (GLP, Arctic Alive, Expedition Greenland, Encounter Edu) – 4.8
  • Activity: Let’s explore – 5
  • Activity: Next steps – 4.6

Participants were then asked what they enjoyed most:

‘Informative! Now I need the experience!’

‘Time to look at resources and discuss.’

‘Time to explore and reflect.’

‘New ideas and how to plan the geography curriculum.’

’Links to new Ofsted curriculum and its impact.’

There were no suggestions for improving the session (well, except for more accessible power sockets!).

Four out of five participants said they would recommend the workshop (one left it blank).

Confidence to teach climate change came out as 3.8 out of 5.

Many thanks to all those at Sir Thomas Rich’s School, who helped set up and tidy away, and, of course, to Gill from Wicked Weather Watch for facilitating the workshop.

Our third, and final, CPD workshop for this academic year, will take place from 9.30 am until 12.30 pm on Thursday 6th June at the Royal High Prep School, Bath.  Please contact Vicky Oram-Ahern for further details: schools@wickedweatherwatch.org.uk.

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