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Geographical Association (GA) local branch (GlosGeog) WorldWise Quiz heat

Raring to go!

It was off to Dean Close School in Cheltenham (https://www.deanclose.org.uk/) this afternoon/evening for our local Geographical Association (GA) branch (GlosGeog) WorldWise Quiz heat. 14 teams of Key Stage 4 students from six schools across the county had turned up to battle it out for three places in the next round against Bristol branch, which is scheduled to be held at the University of Bristol in mid-March.

After formally welcoming and introducing everyone, I handed over to Peter Vujakovic, Emeritus Professor of Geography at Canterbury Christ Church University, who had kindly agreed to act as Quiz Master, and a fine job he did too! Having someone with such a wealth of geographical knowledge, understanding and skills, as well as so much fieldwork experience, was invaluable. When running through the answers with students, he was able to drip-feed further information, making the exercise an effective revision tool. We managed to work through three rounds before a short break, namely alphabet, cities and maps and aerial photographs.

Teachers enjoyed watching their pupils in action from the sidelines, and may even have extended their geographical knowledge, understanding and skills too!

On our return, we attempted another four rounds, entitled fieldwork, coasts, sustainability and mixed bag.

A question with local significance that prompted much discussion within teams.

Some exceptionally proficient sixth-formers from Dean Close School marked each round and totalled up the scores. It was then my turn to announce the winner and runners up. Congratulations to a team from Denmark Road High School, who gained 50 points and were presented with a shield to retain for the year.

The winning team from Denmark Road High School in Gloucester.

Second and third place went to two teams from Cleeve School, who achieved 44 and 43 points respectively and were all awarded wooden medals.

Each participant received a wooden badge, certificate and chocolate bar for their efforts.

Many thanks to Peter and Lisa Gurr at Laser Creative Ltd (https://www.lasercreative.co.uk/) for producing customised awards for us; not only did we wish to promote sustainability, but also provide a unique keepsake for individuals. They met our demands and their customer service was second to none!

Good luck to all three teams as they attend the regional heat in Bristol shortly. Make sure you give Bristol branch’s teams a run for their money!

Many thanks, once again, to Dean Close School for hosting the event; the warm welcome received and superb array of refreshments supplied were very much appreciated.

Feedback from participants can be found below:

Thanks, it was really fun and the pupils here have been really positive about it.

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