Don’t miss out on all the fun at our next virtual Primary Humanities Network meeting! (Term 4)


Just a handful of the ‘concluding comments‘ from attendees at our last virtual Primary Humanities Network meeting:

‘Fresh, innovative resources to stimulate.’

‘A great range of resources shared to fit across many areas of the curriculum.’

‘Educational and inspiring.  Lots of great links to explore.’

‘Packed with tools and resources.’

‘Thank you for the session – it was brilliant and I can’t wait to use some of the ideas you have shared.  It was really nice to talk to other teachers too from around the country – it’s a weird time and the contact was great.  Very glad I treated myself!’

‘Thank you so much.  I was amazed by the wealth of information you shared with us.  It would have taken me so much time to find all of these gems, so I really appreciate that you’ve done this for us and I can now select the links that I feel would benefit my school and our curriculum and try out new resources.  I found this afternoon really valuable and will be joining again.’


Our next meeting will look at two pertinent themes, namely ‘support for remote/home-learning‘ (as I envisage this continuing for a while) and ‘alternatives to trips/visits and local fieldwork ideas‘ (as the former will be off the agenda for the foreseeable future, I suspect).

The meeting will be held virtually on Friday 5th March 2021, from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm.

The charge will be just £25.00 and you will receive a recording of the event, as well as a copy of the accompanying MS PowerPoint presentation.  Should you be unable to attend the ‘live’ session, then you may wish to pay the fee and have access to a recording of the session, a copy of the chat feed, all the accompanying materials and the subsequent detailed blog post report to peruse at your leisure; feel free to ‘fire’ any questions at me via e-mail afterwards too.

I will lead the session via Zoom and send you an invitation with a password to insert prior to entering the meeting.

As I have invested in a subscription to Zoom, I have access to the extra controls to ensure that it is as safe and secure as possible.  This is a platform that is used by a huge number of businesses and organisations (some of you may well be very familiar with Zoom already).

Do let me know if you wish to attend or receive a copy of the recording and accompanying materials by Friday 26th February 2021 (e-mail:

Try and relax and recharge your batteries over the half-term break!

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